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Total Pier & Slipway Cleaner - 10 litres

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Total Pier & Slipway Cleaner™ 10 litres from Artemis Cleaning Products

Fungicidal Pier and Slipway Cleaner removes growths from piers and slipways keeping them clear and reducing the danger of slipping.

  • Destroys all commonly occurring fungus from piers and slipways.
  • Highly economical; coverage is approximately 25 sq metres per litre!

Cleaning Directions:

Do not dilute! Wait till low tide, then apply using a plastic watering can or a light spray ensuring a light film of product is applied to the area being treated. Brush in and allow to act for 1-2 hours then using a pressure washer rinse away. The residue may be left for the tide to remove or may be removed by vacuum extraction.

Maximum contact time is 3 hours to allow time to pressure wash off between tides. Gloves and protective clothing should be worn.

Pier and Slipway Cleaner is always available at unbeatable prices and delivered UK wide from Artemis Cleaning Products. All of our essential cleaning chemicals are available to buy in bulk no matter the size of your organisation so why not place your order today?

For more information visit the Total Chemicals website

Regarding Section 6 of the Safety Data Sheet

Dear Artemis Customers.

A number of customers have recently asked us about the wording of section 6 of the safety data sheet for our Pier & Slipway Cleaner. This section states "Do not allow to enter natural water courses". Given the nature of the product we understand that some may find this statement confusing.

We have therefore asked for some clarification from the manufacturer and received the following comment:

Pier and Slipway Cleaner contains Sodium Hypochlorite as a biocide at less than 5%. This ingredient is widely used for disinfecting and anti-fouling applications as well as for water treatment. Sodium hypochlorite in concentrated form is toxic to aquatic organisms, however, it reacts rapidly with organic matter and quickly degrades in the environment once diluted by the tide and exposed to strong light.

To clarify the chemical concerned is only used in the product at a very small percentage, far too low to be harmful. Furthermore what little there is will quickly degrade and have absolutely no long term environmental impact. As far as we or the manufacturer are aware there are no regulations expressly covering small-scale discharge of this chemical in the marine environment.

The manufacturers are in the process of providing test results to prove this. For now we hope this message of assurance will sufficiently set your mind at ease regarding the product. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call

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